Courseware Watchdog

Short Description

The Courseware Watchdog is a project module of the larger project PADLR. The purpose of this module was the creation of a software architecture helping teaching staff and students in the search and organisation of relevant learning objects.

The Courseware Watchdog is an ontology based tool suite which is based on two related projects: KAON and Texttoonto of two research groups in Karlsruhe (AIFB's Knowledge Management Group and FZI WIM) as well as on the Edutella project developed within the PADLR project.

The project resulted in a Tool suite containing five modules:



The software can be downloaded from sourceforge: Courseware Watchdog main page. Logo

A set of KAON ontologies reflecting the LOM-RDF binding can be downloaded as well.


The Courseware Watchdog installation page tells you how to install the Courseware Watchdog.


We wish to thank the many people involved in the diverse open source projects on which we set. Among them sould be cited: Boris Motik (at FZI for the current KAON architecture and the reimplementation of Texttoonto), Philipp Cimiano (at AIFB for many extensions to Texttonto), Wolf Siberski, Ingo Brunkhorst, Matthias Palmer, Mikael Nilsson (for the work on Edutella and QEL), Daniel Oldemilla (for the SQI implementation) and Sergey Yevtushenko (for the implementation of Conexp). Many other person contributed to our work and we wish to thank them for that.